Martin Korteschiel, CFO

Follow your gut feeling. It leads to the wisest answers

It is time to go back to connect to our natural environment.. Our earth is a living thing and we need to preserve it in order for it to  survive; so it can continue to provide us with natural resources without exhaustion. It is the basis of Nature Capital.

Therefore our mindset needs to change and the way how we use the planet. We can contribute to achieve this change by operating circular. Circular systems stimulate sustainability and make this world a better place. For us and next generations.

It is my personal goal to balance social, ecological and economical interests and help develop sustainable business in the short and the long run.

I am a results-oriented interim manager and entrepreneur within the energy sector. My experiences are in business administration related to the energy sector.

With more than 30 years of experience within the energy sector, I have held various coordinating and steering positions. Just like Thierry, I have experience in supervising complex multidisciplinary projects in the field of high voltage.

From a broad perspective, knowledge and experience I am able to make a solution-oriented contribution to the energy transition with a focus on the circular economy. It can always be better for me! Always looking for opportunities and being able to connect with the right people.

Richard is founder of the corporate philosophy of Fair Profit. He is the creative mind. Thierry is our project manager and operational, technical and organizing talent.. I am the CFO and ICT manager, making sure Fair Profit’s needs will be provided for. Combined we make Fair Profit strong to accomplish what we stand for: a better place to live and thrive.

Men with a mission

Martin Korteschiel


Our earth is a living thing and we need to be in contact with it to survive, so it can provide us without exhaustion. It’s the basis of Nature Capital.

Richard Stockmann

CEO and founder

The world is changing, making steps to go about our resources and materials differently. A big shift is taking place. And not too soon: our biggest problems require doing things differently, otherwise they will spiral out of control. And they’ll take us to the point of no return.

Thierry Patje


‘Society, that’s you.’ That quote applies to everybody. I feel I have to act on it. The world is just to unique a place to waste.


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