Thierry Patje, COO

Do not postpone until tomorrow what you can do today

I have been confronted with several environmental issues in my work and daily life. Helping and making the change had been lingering in the back of my mind for a while, wondering where are we going to with our planet. So when Richard approached me I was convinced instantly. The severe consequences of climate change, required regulations to reduce CO2 production and The Climate Agreement is important to me;  same for the waste in the food industry and food requirements in the future. These are all topics which made me think about my contribution to make a change.

I heartedly consented in playing my part in Fair Profit and the ambition to help make the world better instead of exhausting it. We embraced Richard’s ambition and took the challenge to further develop Fair Profit.
This ambition needs faith, courage and conviction to really make a difference.
We do have that. Looking at the exhaustion of our planet worldwide, I feel the urgency to achieve any change even more. Basically it is in all our interest to start changing.

My experience includes managing large projects in petrochemical industry and infra technique, construction of factories for refinery, building highway roads and maintaining bridges and tunnels. In the power industry my experience involves counselling about high voltage, including design, realization and dsupply. Multidisciplinary projects, containing UAV an UAV-GC. Enough knowledge and experience to perform, deliver and to run a company.

Richard is the visionary and CEO of Fair Profit. Martin and I have more than 60 years of experience in the energy industry together.

In Fair Profit I’m the COO.

I did not want to wait for society to act.

‘Society, that is you and me.’ That quote applies to everybody. I feel I have to act on it. The world is a unique place and circular economy solutions are the way forward.

Agreed? Are you with us?

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Men with a mission

Martin Korteschiel


Our earth is a living thing and we need to be in contact with it to survive, so it can provide us without exhaustion. It’s the basis of Nature Capital.

Richard Stockmann

CEO and founder

The world is changing, making steps to go about our resources and materials differently. A big shift is taking place. And not too soon: our biggest problems require doing things differently, otherwise they will spiral out of control. And they’ll take us to the point of no return.

Thierry Patje


‘Society, that’s you.’ That quote applies to everybody. I feel I have to act on it. The world is just to unique a place to waste.


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