What if together we could help solve world’s biggest problems?

Circular economy solutions, starting with renewable energy

We face some major issues: CO2 is causing the greenhouse effect resulting in climate change, huge migration flows due to poverty, political crises and environmental disasters, with a fast population growth worldwide.

Do they seem unsolvable to you? They aren’t.

We believe we can change the course of these challenges. If we act now!

One part of this change consists of circular economy solutions. By introducing recurring components such as renewable energy applications, we help to solve all these issues. This way we contribute to fair profit for all.

How you can participate in this change? Let us explain.

What is circular economy?

Circular economy comprises a regenerative system minimizing energy leakage, resource input, waste and emission by slowing, stopping and narrowing material loops and energy. Circular economy solutions achieve durable design, repair and maintenance, recycle and upcycle, remanufacture and refurbishment. This system stimulates ecological and economic sustainability.  

[quote] You may be thinking our help won’t make much of a difference. But think about this: if you're not part of the solution, you'll be part of these growing problems. Mother Nature will need to fight back even harder than she already does; but what is really required is our support.


Our circular economy solution: reuse by relocation, renewable energy and fair profit for all

We help small communities all over the world by reusing and relocating company’s otherwise stored or shredded machines and materials. These components aren’t broken or worn. They are just inadequate, because of insufficient capacity. Perfectly useful for smaller businesses.

Work in these communities is mostly done manually. To help advance their local economy, we transform manual to mechanical labor by recurring these components, starting with their first need: electrical, renewable energy. Our solutions are sustainable, generating power close(r) to home.

We help them being completely self-supporting, growing their business and economy and investing further in their community, health, education and housing. These communities need to be the home for them to stay.

Through participation and by combining initiatives, our help will have an even bigger effect


Why is circular economy important?

Sustainability by circular economy solutions doesn’t require changes in quality of life or how companies do business. These circular systems function without loss of revenue or  additional costs. We can continue enjoying similar products and services.

By re-using components for which is a demand in communities, businesses can grow and people won’t have a reason to migrate and looking for work. We furthermore reduce CO2 production and waste.

Let's summarize these results.  

Fair profit for all

With our circular system everybody wins. Together, we create fair profit for all:

  • reducing waste
  • providing used machinery and materials for re-use (lifetime extension)
  • reducing CO2 production and therefore the greenhouse effect, because our circular systems provide solutions worldwide as well as locally
  • stimulating sustainability all over the world
  • Provide communities the opportunity to build local businesses using sustainable resources.. People are able to build their own future for them and their children.

Taking part in these circular economy solutions, we achieve a sigh of relieve to all.

Let’s make this world a better place. Every day a little (bit) more

So, if you have high-quality investment-sensitive components you don’t use any more, please give us a call. And if you are part of a community that has the ambition to build a real home for everybody, starting with sustainable energy, the right machinery and materials, please contact us.

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