Fair-Profit attends a NRC Live Event in Circle

Five evenings on the circular economy

In ' Netherlands circular in 2050 ' the cabinet outlines the ambition of a sustainable driven, fully circular economy. It seems as if we are going in the right direction with the circular economy. But is that so? How do we ensure that the circular economy is not reduced to recycling 2.0, but that a lasting change is brought about?




In a series of five evenings, NRC Live brings together leaders and future thinkers to chase and stimulate the debate on the circular economy.


The debate series on the circular economy consists of five evenings:


Evening 1: The Future is circular | 7 November 2017

Evening 2: Collaboration | 28th November 2017

Evening 3: New Business Models | 16th January 2018

Evening 4: Sustainable Financing | 20th February 2018

Evening 5: The Big Debate: circular Economics | 20 March 2018


Fair Profit was attending the second evening on 28th of november 2017.

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