Fair-Profit on 06-12-2018 attends a NRC Live Event in Circle


Circular because it must and because it is.

“The circular economy is on the rise”

The current linear way of producing and consuming has a huge impact on the environment and leads to a global scarcity. Current business models can therefore be finite, but sustainable business models also offer opportunities. That is why not only the government, but also increasingly the business sector is firmly in this. And rightly so: the concept of value creation and closed chains offers opportunities in the field of product innovation, customer experience, cost savings and chain cooperation. Also for your organization, but where do you start?


Transition to a circular business model

The circular economy as a new economic model: because it must, but above all also because it is running. But how are we going to do that in practice? When is your circular business model viable? What are the last lines we should adhere to? And what does the consumer want? In A practical conference, NRC Live Worlds brings together to drive and stimulate initiatives in the field of the circular economy.


After the success of the sold-out NRC Live series ' The Power of circular ', this experience afternoon is fully in the mark!


Finally an answer to the HOW-to question

Together with circular chain changers, entrepreneurs, designers, governments, financiers and suppliers you will get to work with your obstacles, questions, opportunities and opportunities to eventually accelerate the circular transition together.


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