Meeting Liberia with Mr Davis and Mr Dennis


On 7th June 2019 in Utrecht we met Mr (William) Dennis and Mr (Natty) Davis from Devin Corporation. Devin is a knowledge-based, independent, development consulting and investing advisory services company. Mr Natty B. Davis was the minister of state without portfolio for the government of Liberia and serves now as a senior partner in Devin. William Dennis works as a director for SPARK/BSC Monrovia.  

 After introducing ourselves we gave a presentation of Fair Profit BV with our circular and sustainable opportunities. Energy is our most important basis to make thinks happen on a circular and substantial way, the way Fair Profit approach this, corresponds to the way of thinking of Mr Davis and Mr Dennis and we are proud to met both of them.


We definately look back at a good first meeting, full of positive energy and opportunities 

We are looking forward to our next step!  

Mr Davis is closing his e-mails with an inspiring sentence which appeals to us particularly, because it is fully in line with the Fair Profit concept 

I work to live....I live to make a difference

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