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Fair Profit BV focuses on social entrepreneurship!

 Joraline for Xenia

Sustainable and social entrepreneurship is anchored in the policy of Fair-Profit!

Fair-Profit for people and the planet 

That is why we are going to make a contribution by enabling charity to help weak fellow human beings.

On 27 April Joraline cycles on behalf of pt joraline for the charity “Xenia Leiden”.

Xenia offers a safehouse and a homely environment for young people who need intensive, nursing and medical care. They are often young people with a life-threatening illness. These are young people with, for example, a metabolic disease, an oncological, hematological or neurological disorder, a muscle disease and / or respiratory problems.

Fair-Profit is grateful to deliver a small contribution on this wonderful initiative. Respect for people who want to contribute selflessly to the weak fellow man.

Respect Joraline!

You get an impression of Xenia:

About Xenia

There is an interview available from RTV-Dordrecht where Joraline explains about Xenia, sponsorship and efforts undertaken by Volunteers.

Joraline cycles from Dordt to Milan for charity

  Joraline for Xenia Fair-Profit

Good luck Joraline !!


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